The Menopause Dialogues


Following the overwhelming success of our Menopause 101 Workshop Dr Bella Smith and I are going BIG on Menopause in 2020!

Our ambition is to reach as many women as possible, get you talking openly about menopause, debunk all the myths around this inevitable life stage, and arm you with the tools and belief that you can truly thrive throughout your 40’s and 50’s.

The Menopause Dialogues is a FREE series of online workshops that cover what every woman needs to know about this inevitable life stage. Throughout the week we’ll really get to know you, work with you closely and answer as many questions as you like. You won’t just be learning from us, you’ll also learn from each other – it’s a fundamental part of the way we work – providing women with a safe, inclusive and non-judgemental space in which to share their stories and experiences.

The four workshops in the series will be hosted online using Zoom and we’ll also invite you to interact with us and each other on a closed Facebook group. But don’t worry if you can’t join live – recordings of all the sessions will be available afterwards.

We are absolute experts in our fields and, together, we provide the knowledge, experience and practical skills to educate and empower women about the menopause.

What we’ll cover

Here’s what we’ll talk about in The Menopause Dialogues…

  • Wed 15 Jan: Q&A with Baz and Bella, hear our story and we’ll hear from you about anything and everything you want to know,
  • Thu 16 Jan: menopause in a nutshell – what every woman needs to know,
  • Fri 17 Jan: the do’s and don’ts of managing menopausal symptoms,
  • Sun 19 Jan: constipation and exercise – the midlife non-negotiables.

There are two ways you can access our free workshops:

  • Join us live at 8pm GMT on each of the days detailed above and/or
  • Access the workshop material at any other time that suits you, right up until 26 January.

If you join in the live sessions that’s a great way for us to meet and chat to you directly. But don’t worry if you can’t make the live sessions, you’ll still be able to access all the content.

We will let you in on the most current research on this topic so that you leave educated, knowing what the options are and empowered to act straight away.

This workshop will run ONLINE from 15 to 26 January 2020 with access to a closed Facebook group for questions and support.

Your Instructor

Baz Moffat & Dr. Bella Smith
Baz Moffat & Dr. Bella Smith

Health and Fitness Coach, Baz Moffat and GP, Dr Bella Smith, have joined forces to create a formidable duo, delivering expert knowledge and advice in the field of women’s health.

Baz and Bella are both passionate about reaching out to busy women to provide honest medical information and holistic exercise and lifestyle advice, helping them to take control of their body and to embrace life.

With over 20 years of experience in each of their respective fields and, as working mums with young children, Baz and Bella fully understand the hectic demands of juggling work and family life and how women often place their health low down on the priority list.

Together, the pair have combined their extensive experience and knowledge to deliver a series of educational and empowering workshops which provide a fantastic opportunity for women to learn more about their bodies in a relaxed and open environment.

Course Curriculum

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  Session 1: Q&A with Baz and Bella
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  Session 2: Menopause in a Nutshell
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  Session 4: The Mid-life Non-Negotiables
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